“Maria Bieşu”

will take place in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, between

08 and 15  September 2013.

This Competition for Opera Singers will be organised in honour of the world-known singer – People’s Artist of the USSR, People’s Artist of the Republic of Moldova, the winner of various   awards  and  prizes, The  Best “Madam  Butterfly” in the  World  —  Maria  Bieşu —  the Outstanding Moldavian Artist with a unique voice and amazing talent. The Second International Competition for Opera Singers “Maria Bieshu” aims to discover and support young aspiring singers from all over the world.



The competition is open for lyrical singers under 35, graduates from or students at academic music institutions and other young talents with a professional background from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad.

ATENTION: Applications from Grand Prize winners of previous „Maria Bieşu” competitions will not be accepted.

The deadline for submitting the applications is 20 July 2013. The filled in application form, together with any enclosures, should be sent to the Competition administration by e-mail, at:  or

All  information you  can find at:

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Are you a composer? Would like to join our Union?

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