Composer — a creator. Creativity does not accept boundaries. And freedom — constant companion of creativity. Our Union of Composers — a platform bringing together like-minded professionals. Those who do not accept the mustiness of art, censorship and lack of talent. Those who know what inspiration wings that heaven is music and what is God’s presence! If you are not kolrobyat these lines, and if you know what we say, then you are one of us …

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 Dear colleagues!

The need to communicate with colleagues – is a vital feature of composition activity, as well as creativity in general. For music, which is a universal language of communication mankind independent of national and religious affiliation, issues of mutual exchange of ideas, techniques, and creative experiences are particularly relevant. It is equally useful for the composers, and musicians, and listeners.

Another important aspect of the proposed organization should be to strengthen the links between composers and performers around the world. Because often there are situations when a performer or orchestra need modern works of a particular genre and style, and the ability to apply to the authors of works, and the more choice from the works of several authors are very limited. Or rather, the composer is writing, designed for a specific composition, or artist, and the opportunity to present this work there. We set ourselves the task, at least, inform musicians about the writings of our members, which on its website, there will be a special section.

Do not be left without attention, and modern technologies to optimize the process works, performances, as well as music notation and recording music. Of course, the preference will be given to works of academic genres, although the possibility of providing decent light genres works also not excluded.

We are open to any legitimate forms of cooperation, as well, and for the constructive criticism, so happy to consider all suggestions and comments of interested persons